Monday, July 16, 2018

Ice Samples – Love Violin (KONTAKT) Download

Ice Samples – Love Violin (KONTAKT) Free Download


 Best Kontakt Vilolin Tone (Legato Violin)

Love Violin is a simple but powerful instrument, with a friendly and beautiful interface that makes the job much more pleasant and helps us in our inspiration. It has a very intimate and warm sound and as you interpret it, you can feel it that come to life through the notes.
It has a similar function and performance to all of our previous products, but now we have integrated new features that will help to give more realism to your creations. That’s what we’re going to talk now.
In the lower left corner of the interface, is the knob that controls the speed with which the samples are interpreted. This means that sound can expand or contract, as a “Time stretch” but that works in real time.
The articulations that respond to this controller are the Sustain and Staccato.
For the Sustain that already has a real vibrato, helps to increase or decrease the speed with which you play the vibrato,
For Staccato, works when we want to made Staccatissimos, or when we want a longer sound.


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