Thursday, July 12, 2018

Yamaha Expansion Voice Editor Free Download ( Full Version )

Yamaha Expansion Voice Editor Free Download Without Ads

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yamaha yep file

Consider the features of the Expansion Voice Editor. In this program, 
you can create your own voices from wav or aif files, laying them out on the
 keyboard and then saving them to yep files. Voices can be of two types. Drum, 
where notes are not transposed and Voice, where notes from the base to the 
neighboring ones get higher or lower. Also the program supports loops (loops)
 in samples. For example, I set the start and end points of loops in Wavelab, and then save it as a wav file.

yamaha yep file

The program generates yep packages of two types - for Yamaha PSR S650 and
 Yamaha PSR A2000 (also from this series S950 and S750). You can assemble 
several timbres, and then switch the synthesizer model to make expansion packs
 for the two models. For Yamaha PSR S650 two elements are available per note, 
for Yamaha PSR S950 there are four. This means that you can generate a KORG M1
 structure with two generators. Also from the program you can control the send level and
 the effect type for rever, chorus and DSP - separately for each timbre.

yamaha yep file

In the tone editor, you can set the ADSR curve, specify the degree of sensitivity, 
use the LFO filter with the cutoff frequency and resonance, specify the degree of 
adjustment and the panorama for the mono samples. Stereo samples are also supported. 
The maximum sample length is 30 seconds. This limitation I established experimentally on
 the Yamaha PSR S650. Whether it works for Yamaha PSR S950 I do not know, but I can 
assume that it works. This structure allows you to quickly drag and drop sample libraries from 
AKAI S1000, AKAI S3000, using the program CD Extract.

 Download Expansion Voice Editor Here