Tuesday, September 18, 2018

SPD 20 Best Tones BULK Free Download

MIDI OX Bulk Dump Steps 

First set up the Midi devices..

Options/Devices - select your Midi In and Out 

Show the Port Routing Window..

View/Port Routings 

Options/Pass Sysex ..

When you close MidiOx this setting will be remembered, but when you start MidiOx again I sometimes find I have to unselect then reselect to get this to work. Don't know why. 

Output a sysex dump... 

In the Port Routing window connect MidiOx Event Port to your Midi output. 
File/Send Sysex File - menu option on the new dialog. 
Select your file and it should be sent to the Midi Out connected to the MidiOx Event port. 

Input and save a sysex dump... 

Sysex/Receive Manual Dump - menu option on the new dialog. 
MidiOx listens to all the Midi In ports and captures the sysex. 
Watch the 'Bytes Received' to see that the sysex coming in is about the correct size. 
Click 'Done' button and you will be asked to save the file.