Tuesday, July 23, 2019

uJAM – Virtual Drummer SOLID (VSTi, AAX) [WiN x64]

System requirements : Windows 7 or later, 4 GB of RAM
Description : The gold standard of a virtual drum set that follows your direction in music and contains 5 carefully recorded settings, 30 styles, 720 patterns (intro, verse, chorus, ending), full control over the tempo, timbre and variations, custom effects algorithms.
Everyone is equal to Hollywood : The SOLID virtual drummer is your experienced professional for complex and grand productions. For all popular genres and moods, SOLID provides the gold-standard drum styles and sounds that open the doors, hearts, and wallets of label managers.
Feel the difference! SOLID drum kits were recorded with great attention to detail and a love of genres.We recorded real drum performances in selected locations for recording with the primary acoustic space and used only the best microphones and mixing equipment.
Virtual virtuoso : SOLID comes with 30 styles, 720 rhythm patterns that play on 5 drum sets covering a huge musical range for all popular genres and moods.
The man first : Add realism and a subtle variety of games with Humanize and Feel.
Best in the industry : Choose from mix-ready presses that manage a complex set of algorithms. Imagine an automated mixing engineer, what you press is what you get.
It will help to become loud : The Slam controller is a smart compressor that, yes, you guessed it, will carry the sound from your drums. Make your drums stand out in the mix and adjust the swinging with just one button.

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