Friday, November 8, 2019

NuGen Audio – Plugins 09.05.2018 (STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

NuGen Audio – Plugins 09.05.2018 (STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

System requirements : Windows XP or above, 512 MB RAM, Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) \ Mac OSX 10.7.x, 512 MB RAM
Description : A set of plugins, consisting of:
NuGen Audio ISL Bundle v2.7.0.10 – Intuitive high-quality limiter, which gives full control over the levels of the audio signal peaks.
NuGen Audio MasterCheck v1.5.0.2 – a set of tools for controlling loudness, dynamics, codecs for professionals. The presence of built-in encoders, allowing real-time listening to the result of playback on various platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Tidal, as well as on television and radio.
NuGen Audio Monofilter v4.1.13.5 – Monofilter converts the low-frequency part of the stereo signal to mono. Has an improved interface, phase correction capabilities (automatic or manual) and filter parameter adjustment, level indicator and high-quality processing mode, overload indicator, level controls, stereo balance and stereo width, several listening modes and outputs, saving settings.
NuGen Audio MultiMonitor v1.2.0.8 – MultiMonitor is a powerful multi-channel system for monitoring loudness and measuring peaks. The plug-in contains 16 meters compatible with mono, stereo and 5.1 formats. MultiMonitor is great for monitoring multiple audio sources and subgroups.
NuGen Audio SEQ-S Bundle v1.2.1.17 – High-precision, linear-phase equalizer is ideal for music production and mastering, as well as film and post-production applications.
NuGen Audio Stereoizer v3.3.0.0 – high-quality stereo expander.
NuGen Audio Stereoplacer v3.1.10.15 – plug-in for direct control of the stereo signal frequencies. There are all the necessary tools for adjusting, editing and redistributing the frequency stereo information, with which you can affect the specific frequency of each of the four channels, as with the traditional parametric EQ, simply, quickly and without side effects.
NuGen Audio VisLM v2.7.0.4 – Provides several important measurements: peak level, volume range, short-term volume, program volume.
NuGen Audio Visualizer v2.0.4.1 is a comprehensive and flexible sound analyzer designed to provide access to a full spectrum of audio analysis using one interface with a variable size and unique workflow system.


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